BRISTAR – Expansive mortarBRISTAR – Expansive mortar

BRISTAR is a non-explosive demolition agent that has the ability to safely demolish rocks and cement without producing noise, vibrations, debris launches or environmental pollution.

To carry out the demolition BRISTAR requires only the drilling of the rock or cement to be able to drain the Bristar and water mixture into the holes. The demolition is completed with utmost safety without the use of protection as in the case of explosives.

Temperature of use and consumer makes

Since the temperature is an element that influences the reaction time of the BRISTAR, Nonex srl produces 4 types of BRISTAR adapted to 4 temperature levels:

BRISTAR Makes Temperature of Use
BRISTAR 100 da 15°c a 35° c
BRISTAR 150 da 10°c a 20° c
BRISTAR 200 da 5°c a 15° c
BRISTAR 300 da -5°c a 5° c